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MONOPOLY - One Piece Edition
MONOPOLY - One Piece Edition

MONOPOLY - One Piece Edition

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The Straw Hat Crew sneak into Dressrosa in One Piece Monopoly!

The crew divide into three teams: destroying artificial Devil Fruit factory team, escorting Caeser team and securing Thousand Sunny team. However, Luffy suddenly joins the tournament to gain Flame-Flame Fruit.

In the meantime, Law is supposed to hand over Ceaser to Doflamingo but unexpectedly falls into Doflamingo’s trap.

Meanwhile, Usopp, Robin and the Dwarves are now preparing to battle against Doflamingo.

Let’s win Koala and One-Legged Soldier over to your side and Chest and Flag cards might reward you or bring an unexpected surprise.

Buy, sell and trade with other fans to get a powerful team and win the game in One Piece Monopoly!